We have a team with experience of dealing with a range of employment matters that are ready to assist you.

Unfair treatment at work

Do you think that you have been unfairly treated at work, in relation to the hours that you are being asked to work, holidays, bullying or any other reason? Come and see us and we can offer advice as to putting in a grievance and resolving the problems that you face at work.

Unfair dismissal

Have you recently been dismissed from work without good reason or without being taken through a disciplinary process? If so we could help you with a claim for unfair dismissal or wrongful dismissal.

Help with disciplinary proceedings and appeals

Are you facing a disciplinary meeting or have recently had one and are not happy with the outcome?  We can help you prepare for that meeting or appeal a decision that was made at a meeting that you disagree with.

Settlement Agreements

Have you been offered a settlement agreement by your employer? We can offer advice as to the agreement and, if necessary, negotiate the terms of the agreement on your behalf to reach an appropriate settlement.  Usually the costs are paid by your employer.


We can offer an affordable fixed fee initial consultation to advise you of your position and the way forward and provide an estimate of any future costs should you require our further assistance.

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